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Two Penn’orth


High Frequency Trading

I’ve been reading a lot recently about so called ‘high frequency trading’ and how it is used to rig the financial markets against the ordinary investor.

This matters to all of us.

If you’re active in the financial markets in your own right then obviously its going to matter to you. But even if you don’t, the likelihood is that you have a pension, an endowment policy, a life insurance policy, or some other form of financial arrangement under which money is invested in the markets on your behalf.

Some people have been quick to throw their hands up in the air. For them this is the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The solution they say is to avoid the financial markets completely. But is that the right response.

I looked around to find a more balanced view. You can read about whether the market is rigged by high frequency trading here.

Proof that Extra-Terrestrials visited the Earth in the distant past?

All over the world, we find ‘megalithic’ (‘large stone’)

constructions, created by our ancestors thousands of years

ago. Today we have the benefit of modern roads, large lorries

enormous cranes. And other construction machinery. Our

ancient ancestors had none of these. So how did they do it?

The archaeologists suggest that it was done by a massive

concerted effort. With hundreds, or perhaps thousands,

of people coming together to accomplish the feat.

But for many people, that is still hard to believe. An alternative

view is that extra-terrestrials were involved. If they had the

technology required to fly half way across the galaxy, they

would certainly be in a position to help with such construction


So on the one side the archaeologists, on the other the ufologists. Who should we believe?

The big problem with the archaeologists is that their theories as to how the stones were moved and the number of people involved vary enormously. So how can we judge the plausibility?

Wally Wallington is not an archaeologist. He’s a retired builder. Since he retired, he’s been building on a lifetime’s work experience to assess the viability of moving large blocks of stone. His conclusions are shocking. See how Wally Wallington moves huge blocks of concrete single handed.

20th Century wizard builds megalithic castle single-handed!

Continuing the theme of megalithic building, I’ve been researching the work of Ed Leedskalnin.

Ed Leedskalnin was born and raised in Latvia. In 1919 he moved to Florida where he set about building himself a home.

Nothing remarkable about that. Many people build homes for themselves. But Ed Leedskalnin built his from huge chunks of coral rock which he quarried, shaped, shipped, and placed single handedly. The largest piece weighs an estimated 30 tons. Which is quite a lot when you consider that Leedskalnin himself weighed only slightly over 7 stone and stood only 5 feet tall.

How did he do it?

Perhaps it was magic. He did all his work at night and if he heard anybody approaching he would cover his work and tools until they were gone. And since most of us could not do something like this, it’s reasonable to assume he knew something we don’t.

We will probably never know the truth. Leedskalnin died in 1951 taking whatever secrets he had with him to the grave.

His legacy to the world consists of a castle built from coral in Florida and, perhaps more importantly, the insoluble mystery of how he built it.

The stones that walked

The world seems to be filled with giant stone blocks. Some have been used for building mystical circles. Some have just been used for building giant buildings. The great engima is that they were all put in place in the long forgotten past.

Another interesting example can be found on Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it is known to the locals. The island is famous for its giant stone heads or Moai, the heaviest of which weighed an impressive 86 tons.

Apart from their human-like shapes, an intriguing feature of the Moai is that they were constructed and put in place hundreds of years ago rather than the more usual thousands. Most were constructed between the years 1250 and 1500. Because this is relatively recent, oral traditions remain as to how they were moved. Locals claim that certain people used divine power to make the statues walk.

Read more about the Walking Stone Heads of Easter Island/Rapa Nui.