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Two Penn’orth


Tudor Abbey Farm - Coming soon to BBC2

Weald & Downland Museum must be one of my favourite destinations for a day out. So I was delighted on a recent visit to learn that it is the location for a new ‘farm’ series from the familiar Ruth Goodman & Peter Ginn, joined by a new colleague - Tom Pinfold.

I haven’t seen an announcement of the screening date, but I’m guessing October 17th since there is a supporting book due for release that day.

Update - the title of the book now seems to be ‘Tudor Monastery Farm’ - maybe reflecting that the title of the programme will also change?

Proof that Extra-Terrestrials visited the Earth in the distant past?

All over the world, we find ‘megalithic’ (‘large stone’)

constructions, created by our ancestors thousands of years

ago. Today we have the benefit of modern roads, large lorries

enormous cranes. And other construction machinery. Our

ancient ancestors had none of these. So how did they do it?

The archaeologists suggest that it was done by a massive

concerted effort. With hundreds, or perhaps thousands,

of people coming together to accomplish the feat.

But for many people, that is still hard to believe. An alternative

view is that extra-terrestrials were involved. If they had the

technology required to fly half way across the galaxy, they

would certainly be in a position to help with such construction


So on the one side the archaeologists, on the other the ufologists. Who should we believe?

The big problem with the archaeologists is that their theories as to how the stones were moved and the number of people involved vary enormously. So how can we judge the plausibility?

Wally Wallington is not an archaeologist. He’s a retired builder. Since he retired, he’s been building on a lifetime’s work experience to assess the viability of moving large blocks of stone. His conclusions are shocking.

Find out how Wally Wallington moves megalithic blocks on his own.