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Two Penn’orth


Tudor Abbey Farm - Coming soon to BBC2

Weald & Downland Museum must be one of my favourite destinations for a day out. So I was delighted on a recent visit to learn that it is the location for a new ‘farm’ series from the familiar Ruth Goodman & Peter Ginn, joined by a new colleague - Tom Pinfold.

I haven’t seen an announcement of the screening date, but I’m guessing October 17th since there is a supporting book due for release that day.

Update - the title of the book now seems to be ‘Tudor Monastery Farm’ - maybe reflecting that the title of the programme will also change?

Life in Rural England 500 Years Ago - Tudor Monastery Farm

This new series follows on from their highly successful previous series, “Victorian Farm”, “Edwardian Farm” and “Wartime Farm”. But this one promises to be rather different. In each of those series we were treated to revelations of the new machinery that was being introduced at the time and the difference it made to farming. I’m not expecting much of that in this series. No new machinery in Tudor times. Just the same sort of hard graft that had been going on for centuries.

Tom Pinfold is a newcomer in this series. But the territory may not be so new to Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn whose previous series “Tales from the Green Valley”, which seems to get few mentions, saw them living as rural farmers of 400 years ago for a whole year.

The new series was filmed at the Weald and Downland museum where the final filming session for the Christmas special took place on 1st November 2013. The museum will likely be familiar to anybody who likes watching historical television programmes. The 50 acre site contains 50 historical buildings, each rescued from elsewhere, dismantled, and lovingly reassembled/restored in West Dean Park. The authentic historical buildings are a treasure trove for makers of hisorical films and documentaries. But most of the time they’re just

open for the public to look around. And very much

worth a visit.

The museum is located in West Sussex, 7 miles north

Of Chichester.