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Two Penn’orth


Ruth Goodman, Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold return to our screens on 18th November in their latest historical reconstruction series.

The format is similar to their previous efforts: Tudor Monastery Farm, Wartime Farm, Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm and Tales from the Green Valley. This time, however, they’ve moved away from their traditional focus on farming and are turning their hands to large scale construction in ‘Secrets of the Castle’.

Building a castle is not by any measure an insignificant undertaking. And of course in medieval times there were none of the modern machines that we would take for granted today. And yet our ancestors were able to construct these impressive fortifications from thousands of tons of stone.

The team spent six months working on the Guedelon castle project in France. Here, a team of archaeologists is undertaking a 25 year project to construct a medieval castle using only the tools and materials that would have been used in the past.

Secrets of the Castle

Episode 1

In the first episode, Ruth, Peter and Tom arrive ar the Guedelon site. Ruth sets up home in the woods while the boys undertake a range of construction tasks.

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